Tuesday, November 16, 2010

See Ya Skippy And Thanks for All the Classy Memories

The Steelers signed Shaun Suisham and cut kicker Jeff Reed today (expect him to turn up on Cincinnati's roster any second), but I thought I'd post an homage to our recently departed Skippy in pictures. Enjoy.

Why, here he is demonstrating just how he 'holds it' when he has to pee during a game, but can't sneak around to the outside of a nearby bar to relieve himself.

And here he is doing some community service by posing for a retirement home's watercolor class. Always giving back to the people, our Skippy.

"Don't make this symbol, dude. Somebody will put a cap in your ass!"

"It's complicated. First, you mix up the bleach and then you take the foil ..."

"If this kicking gig doesn't work, I'm thinking of becoming a hairdresser."

Accompanying text message: "I'd like to do the bathroom in a bolder color, so please think it over and text me with your ideas. Yours, Jeff."

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