Friday, October 22, 2010

NHL Player Loses Mind, Attacks Fan

I'm all for fans getting whatever comes their way if they set foot on the playing surface, whether it be the ice, the court, the diamond or the gridiron.

Tazing that idiot fan who ran onto the field of a Phillies game? I'm for it. In fact, I think they should hire sharpshooters and equip them with high powered rifles; if a fan steps on to the field, give them free license to fire away.

When a Cleveland Browns fan ran on the field in 2005, James Harrison took him down. It was totally deserved. Run on the field, you risk running into Silverback. Enter at your own risk.

But Rick Rypien of the Vancouver Canucks is a cementhead and a punk. During a game against the Minnesota Wild on Tuesday night, on his way down the ramp to the locker room, Rypien grabbed a fan in the stands. Here's the video of Rypien reaching over and grabbing the fan.

Hockey tolerates a lot of stuff. Fighting and tussling is tolerated. Love it or hate it, it is part of hockey culture.

But going after a fan? That's Hansen brothers stuff.

The fan in question was just clapping and claims that he said something along the lines of, 'way to be professional.' It was probably a little stronger than that, probably laced with some adult language, but the guy was where he was supposed to be and it's not like he tossed a key chain (or tire iron) at Rypien. If the fan called Rypien out for being unprofessional, looks like it was a dead accurate comment.

Some have called for Rypien to be suspended 20 games. That would be fine by me. But might I suggest they taze him? And then have James Harrison take him down.