Friday, June 5, 2009

Haiku Pucks

Game 4, in haiku form:

Geno swoops and scores
post-season point thirty-four
Mom and Pop high five

Jordan Staal explodes
Rafalski caught flat-footed
Epic short-hander

Detroit special teams
give up two goals in must-win
May cost them the Cup

Flower's eyes are on
unflappable acrobat
Hossa's shots denied

Malkin feeds Crosby
Mortal Osgood looks shakey
Sidney buries it

Sid spins, passes, scores
Zetterberg chasing the Kid
Gives in to fatigue

Kennedy's poke-check
Another Pens takeaway
Chris to Sid to Ty

The springboards beckon
Sid ready to feast on squid
Lord Stanley, come home

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