Sunday, April 5, 2009

Coach Speaks the Truth, World Stunned

I can't even imagine how much fun much Big East coaches meetings are. What a cast of characters, with Agnus B, C. Vivian, Geno, Harry P., Jeff Walz and on and on. Jesus they must need a mighty big room to hold those personalities. And I mean big, like Roman Collesium, big. Like Casey Hampton's lunch bag, big. I mean like Madonna's ego, big. Like, bigger than Roger Clemens' level of denial. What I'm getting at is these are coaches with huge, wildly entertaining personalities. And people wonder why I love living in a Big East city. 

Why oh why hasn't ESPN turned the Big East women's coaches into a reality show? Do I really need them to produce another show about raycin'? Hells no. I want to see these coaches and I mean all the time. Bring on the Agnus-Cam! Where's my "Day in the Life of Harry Perretta?" I'd Tivo a show that followed C. Vivian Stringer while she went shopping. (She is the best dressed coach in any sport, hands down, no question.) Sunday dinners with the Auriemma family would be television gold. How can the Worldwide Leader not see this? 

So, as though you needed more evidence that the Big East is the most entertainng conference on planet women's hoops, U.Conn coach Geno Auriemma did something shocking in his pre-game presser before the Final Four game against Stanford. He was Geno. 

To borrow a phrase from the late, great PittGirl, perhaps the world's greatest blogger, that's CHURCH, Cousin Geno.

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